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Romania : find and marry rumanian beautifull women and girls
Roumanie : cherche et épouse les meilleures femmes
Rumänien : suche und heirate die besten Frauen und Mädchen aus Rumänien
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Fantastica : Your intermediation agency for romanian women

Don`t you want to be alone anymore and are you looking for a life partner ? Are you interested to get to know a women from Romania and maybe even getting married? Our dating service will help you to finally find your soulmate.

Find a partner with our dating service
With the Fantastica dating service is easy. In our database you can get an idea of the women, who are interested to find a suitable partner, even if they should move to Germany, France, Italy, the UK or Switzerland for this purpose. As an agency we are organizing the dating service, so you can find the woman of your dreams, with no detours, no matter where she is currently located. Fantastica establishes relationships throughout Europe.

Fantastica dating women from Romania : transparent and reliable

If you feel attracted by a woman's profile in our database, please feel free to register.
As a customer, you will receive all the information regarding our database at our headquarters in Zurich. So Fantastica offers a high degree of transparency and security, and certainly you can be sure that you can personally meet the women that interest you.

Loves is our live
Love is life!
Don’t be afraid to love!
Because Love creates Love
You are happy and you make
The person next to you happy!

Yes, these are big words, but it is good to try and get to know people to have the courage to talk and to listen to the desires of our Heart and to allow your mind to answer these feelings.

It is a difficult time, I understand, but this happens because we hope to find Love, The Great Love, just like that, like a gift from the Sky!
Nobody can promise you or offer you the dream of meeting your true Love!
Yes, Love is different, quite a lot.
We should think about how to become happy together and how to make this Love grow more. Love is not just a Feeling, we can get to Love even without any efforts… just with Time!

Love is respect,
And the time which is spent getting to know each other,
To feel the heart of the person next to us…
And from there, Yes!

You really find the person you need!
Then you ask yourself: can it really be true for me to be happy, too?
Happy, yes; Happiness gives us the strength: the physical power, the desire to make the beloved person happy to.
Every day is different; the light is different...when is going to get dark, will the Stars still rise?
Where is the moon? I am looking for it...I found it! I feel so good...I would like to be next to my Love...
Where are you my Love?
How hard it is for me, how much pain...what can I do?
How can I REACT?

Yes, I can react!
Time....allow it, and it will teach us love and hope...
This is how you will manage to find your Partner !
You only have to believe it, to learn to have faith and hope
We are not born to live alone!
We can help our destiny

                                                           Paula M.